Shuffle Bingo

Shuffle Bingo has evolved into a music game centre for  iPhones® and iPads® using your iTunes® music library or Apple Music® service.

No registration required, no ads and no subscription. Just a one off payment!

Just select the music source and choose a playlist. You can effectively  set the default song duration to any time you like or play the full song.

If you want to play music bingo, set the card size and select the number of players up to 100. Then generate the cards as a pdf to print .

Alternatively, play a game of song and artist identification. Make your own rules and limit the song duration to as little as 2 seconds.

Click start and the songs shuffle randomly. Set Autoplay on and the songs play continuously until the game is paused.

In the bingo mode, each sheet incorporates a unique QR code. If a call is made for 4 corners, a line or full house, pause the music and use the imbedded scanner and it will instantly confirm whether the call is valid.

In the Name that Tune mode, song names and artists are obscured but can be revealed individually or generally as you wish. 

That's it! 

If you need support, please contact us

On opening, you are presented with the home screen. Click Music Library Search and choose your personal library or Apple Music®.

Select a playlist and customise it before loading it into the game.

Alternatively, select a previous game that was saved automatically.

Set the number of players and the card size to complete the set up.

Search your own playlists or the wide range provided by Apple Music® and load the playlist into the game. Before doing so, you can remove songs that are not required but they remain in the original playlist. The heart alongside each song enables you to override limited playing times and force the whole song to be played.

You now have the songs that will be used to create random bingo cards.

Simply, set the size and number of cards and export them to a pdf that you can print. .

When you select a playlist, it will be saved automatically preserving your customisation for a subsequent game.

Later, select a saved game to use it without any further customisation.

Export and print the cards. The game is ready to start.

The 'Export' button on the home screen creates unique cards populated with a random selection of the songs in your playlist.

At the top left of the screen, the aA icon enables you to increase the font and card size.      

Each card also contains a QR code at the top right.

When a player makes a call for four corners, a line or Full House, it's a chore having to review the played list. Instead, just click the scanner icon and point your device at the card's QR code.

The scanner icon appears at the top left of the game screen. 

You'll see a representation of the card with the cells that have been played, coloured green.  Immediately, you can see if the call was valid.

In the latest release, 1.3, the game screen has been enhanced to make Shuffle Bingo even more versatile.

You have the choice of whether to reveal the songs and artists as they play. Also, you have complete control over how long each song plays from just two seconds to the complete song.

As each song plays, the time wheel shows the countdown. Song titles will be obscured by default. The eye - con alongside each song enables it to be revealed individually.

The eye - con can be toggled on and off. The one at the bottom of the screen will toggle all titles on or off.

The purpose is to extend the game from just bingo to a game of 'Name That Tune' or 'Beat The Intro'.


At the bottom of the game screen, there are five buttons.

The settings can be changed during a game. You have complete control throughout. You may want to retain the same duration throughout, throw dice to decide or have a countdown to the minimum.